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          The Division of Housing and Ancillary Services is committed to providing a higher standard of excellence in the areas of Housing, Hospitality Services and Retail Services. Each of these functional areas work together in synergy to provide an exceptional experience for the entire Western community including students, staff, faculties and visitors—all while supporting the academic mission of the University.


          Housing facilitates a top-notch residence experience supported by programming and services designed to foster personal growth and maximize the potential for student success. Upper-year and graduate students, visitors, faculty and staff also have access to comfort and quality accommodation with a variety of short- and long-term housing options.

          Hospitality Services

          Hospitality Services enhances the campus community through delivery and access to fresh, local and high-quality food. Excellent customer service is at the core of everything we do and we continuously strive to provide memorable experiences for our patrons around the table or on the go.

          Retail Services

          Retail Services connects Western with everything needed to inspire, motivate and enhance a world-class education. We honour a refreshed version of our rich campus history in our clothing and merchandise, while providing access to technology, textbooks and supplies in a central location.

          Employee eNewsletter

          IN-HAS Employee Newsletter

          Stay informed with all things IN-HAS. Our Employee eNewsletter provides updates, celebrates achievements and shares our growth as a Division. Employees are encouraged to submit stories, feedback and suggestions to our committee by emailing the committee.

          Grow your future with Housing and Ancillary Services

          Work for HAS

          Find out how you can grow your future with Housing and Ancillary Services by subscribing to our eNews updates. Inclusive culture, competitive compensation and personal development opportunities are a few of the benefits you can expect from working here. Trust us, purple is your colour.

          Support our students, staff, faculty, research and strategic plan

          Keep It on Campus

          To continue our reputation of excellence at Western, we need to reinvest in on-campus service departments that support our students, staff, faculty, research and strategic plan. Whether you're printing banners, hosting a conference, catering a retirement party or even looking for the perfect thank you gift—there are a wide variety of essential services right here on campus!

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